Our Programs

Our Programs

Are you worried about your children’s education but don’t have enough time to help them? At Megamind Abacus, we provide Caledon tutoring services that can help ensure children have a more steady foundation in all subjects. Our tutors are well-trained and experienced, familiar with the Ontario school curriculum. We’ll supplement a child’s education, filling in all gaps to ensure they don’t fall behind. Here’s a look at our services:


Academic Summer Camps

With our full day or half-day summer camp options, you get a fun but education summer experience for your child. They don’t lose connection with their education and are better prepared for school. If you want to know more about our summer camp programs here at Megamind Abacus, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

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Abacus Mental Math

Mental Math is the ability to make basic calculations mentally without aid from calculators or writing things down. Most people have this ability; they just need to learn good techniques and practice. If students start learning this ability during childhood, it will stay for a lifetime, always assisting them in solving math problems promptly. Our Brampton Mental Math Program ensures that students do not have to take as many steps to resolve complex equations as most people do.

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Math Tutoring

Math is always a challenging subject, growing more complex as school years pass. It is also an interconnected web so if students don’t learn one concept, it can affect the understanding of other concepts. Our tutors will make sure your child has no knowledge. They identify weaknesses, focusing on one student until the problem is resolved.

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English Tutoring

Most native English speakers underestimate the importance of formal education in this language. While children do assimilate it naturally, they still need guidance on aspects of vocabulary, reading comprehension, writing, and spelling, etc. Our expert Caledon tutoring professionals will make sure your child learns English well and has a good foundation in it.

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Kindergarten Tutoring

Many believe kindergarten is too early to start tutoring but it might be the best time to do so. At this stage, your child’s brain is still developing and forming new connections. Through careful nurturing, children develop a solid foundation in basic skills like reading, comprehension, vocabulary, etc. Our experienced Caledon tutoring experts work personally with students, which most schools can’t do. 

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French Tutoring

Some parents in Caledon aren’t very proficient in French so they can’t help their child master the language. We offer a better alternative through Caledon tutoring. Our trained educators will help your child develop better vocabulary, phonetics, comprehension, and speech. This tutoring along with school education will ensure your child has a well-rounded understanding of the subject.

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EQAO Exams

The Ontario government administers tests at different grade levels to check if students have enough knowledge. These tests can be stressful for students, especially if they don’t feel ready. Our tutors will help your child revise all subjects, identify strengths or weaknesses, and cover as many gaps as possible. This doesn’t just increase the chances of a good score but also helps build a child’s confidence in their work.

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Some students want to learn IB, IBT, or Sci-Tech curriculum. This can be because they want to join a particular school or want to have a deeper understanding of a subject matter. Our tutors are equipped to handle this and will make sure your child doesn’t have any difficulty preparing for these tests as well in grasping the new material.

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Homework Club

Our homework club is an afterschool program set in place to help working parents. You can leave your children in our care after school. During this time, our tutors will keep the students engaged, stimulating their mind and helping children learn more. Kids will be in a safe environment while improving their grasps on Math, Science, and English.

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If you want to know more about our CaledonTutoring programs here at MegaMind Abacus, don’t hesitate to give us a call 905 996 6463. We’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have. We have eight locations spread all over in Brampton, Mississauga, Caledon and Vaughan. To find the closest location near you, please click on the link before.

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