What is an abacus?
  •  Abacus is the oldest computer. It is a bead-based calculator and is considered to be a useful tool for learning mental math skills as well as brain development in early young children.
What is abacus mental math?
  • Abacus mental math uses abacus as a manipulative to perform arithmetic operations. A child who has learned abacus techniques can handle series of about five digit numbers using the four basic operations of mathematics i.e. addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. And all this is done mentally, without using a calculator.
What is the right age to start this program?
  • The right age to start this program is usually about five years when the child can write numbers up to 10 and recognize numbers up to 20. 
Why is this program only for children in the age group of 4 to 13 years?
  • Numerous studies have shown that majority of the human brain development takes place till the age of 13 years. Constant practicing on an abacus stimulates the growth of brain cells to sharpen the mental formation for a child and enhances the coordination between eyes, ears, and hands through multisensory teaching.
My child is in Grade 5. Is it too late to join this program?
  • It is never too late to get all the benefits associated with this program. The skills learned through logic stay with them throughout their life.



How many classes are conducted in a week?
  • A two hour class is conducted once in a week. The batch timings are such that they do not clash with the school timings.
Are there different levels in the program?
  • There are 10 levels for children in the age group of 4-6 years. For children 7 years and up, there are 8 levels.
What is the duration of each level?
  • Each level takes an estimated 3 months to complete.


Do you also conduct competitions?
  • Yes, we do conduct annual Abacus competitions.
When does my child get promoted to the next level? Are any certificates given?
  • An assessment is conducted at the end of every level. On successful completion of the level , the child will be promoted to the next level and a certificate of successful completion is awarded.                                                                                                                                     

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