We are so glad to have found Megamind, to help our children succeed. Our daughter has made great improvement not just academically but also with aspects of focus and attention. She was going for therapy for school/ behavioural challenges. Within weeks into the program, she no longer needed the therapy. It has built discipline and good study skills, which are important for any child to succeed. The staff members are very friendly and try their best to tailor the academic aspects such as learning styles to the individual child. Both are children are enjoying and look forward to come and learn. Thank you Megamind and the staff members!
Blessy, parent of Rachel and David (Sr KG and Gr 4)


I love the school. My kids are learning well. They are doing better in Math at school.
Vidya and Asif Hassan, parents of Aadam and Alishba Hassan (Gr 1 and 3)
Thank you for making a positive difference in Tiffany's math results and her finally realizing that she can accomplish anything once she puts her mind to it.
Karen, parent of Tiffany Mittchel (Grade 9)


Karlissa has improved in her math class. She is open to ask questions. This class has helped her with her confidence and her grades have improved. She is doing better in math at school.
Parent of Karlissa Ramsey (Grade 9)


The Megamind Abacus program has created a positive attitude towards mathematics, both in day school and the Megamind classes, in my daughter. She has been in the program for a year and excelled in 4 levels already. The use of abacus gave her more confidence and added a tool to her availability in school math. Math has become a subject of no worry now.
Imtiaz Dar, parent of Aleeza Dar (Grade 5)